Getting Around. #snailspeed 

I spent today’s evening watching a movie. Up till two-third part of the movie I couldn’t help but think, why didn’t I read a review beforehand so that I could have saved myself from such a torture and some of my money. But I’m glad that I didn’t! By the time the movie ended, it left me in a positive zone- a zone where we’re reminded as to what is important in life.

Life isn’t too long. Each one of us has a limited time and the beauty is, time neither waits nor repeats for anyone. For each day, for each moment, we’ve got just one shot! Coz we all know, we cannot live the same moment that has gone by, ever again. When I say this, I do not mean that we cannot afford to commit mistakes. We sure can! Coz they can be rectified at the right MOMENT. But what cannot be undone is the loss of time we suffer.

There is no bible that tells us how to live by each moment. But it isn’t rocket science too! It just needs a little consideration from us to focus and rejoice the little things in life and not run after the big picture. We are not machines. Sadly, we are driven more by technology and gadgets than emotions and other fellow humans today, more by the apartment size and pay checks than the number of family members and quality time spent with loved ones. But as it’s said, ‘We steer the wheel of our own life, nobody or nothing else should be given that control.’

And the time is always right to do right. So, let’s make some amendments in our list of priorities to not miss out on the real meaningful pleasures in life. It could mean making a phone call in the middle of a busy day to remind your mom of her doctor’s appointment. Or it could mean returning home soon from office to put your child into bed. It could be anything for anyone. But think. Consider. Amend. Coz life’s running at a pace which we don’t even realise how fast is right now. But soon our hair will turn grey, skin will start to sag and our hearts would rewind the years gone by. But nothing could be done then. 

My friend, let each day be worth remembering. For all we know, it’s one life that we’ve been given so let us appreciate and acknowledge its exclusivity to the best.

P.S. This is the personal section where I couldn’t help but write to Him.

Dear You

Each moment of my life since the day you stepped in it has been like the colourful firework show. Just like it, my days are filled with thrill, light, sparks, colors and the festive vibe. You’ve played a crucial role in making me realise how each moment can be turned into a precious memory and treasured. Thank You. 

“Everything is, everything exists, because I love.”



Until next time folks.




Three Angels.

Just like my last post, this one again is quite personal. Earlier, I had this notion of being private about my family and friends. But one fine day I realized – what’s the whole point anyway?! This world is in dearth of one most precious thing, which is found the least in today’s time- LOVE. So I thought, why not share my little times of love with all my readers and let my favourite people too know how much I love and adore them.

Today this post is dedicated to my three lovely maniacs!

With you three, I have a family beyond my blood family. In the last two years, you have become an integral part of my life. When we all came together and formed our pack, I had never imagined the times with with you would be among the most memorable ones!

Since the first day when we had all started to begin to learn and adjust in our work environment- trying to make a place and a name, till today- You have slowly crept into the deep and safe corners of my heart. 

Each little incident is clearly etched in my memory-

The initial times when my eyes looked around in a sea of new people and you welcomed me with open arms of friendship,

The times when our lunch breaks grew longer for our never-ending talks,

The times when you made me fall off my chair laughing,

The times when you protected me when somebody raised a finger at me,

The times when you went ahead and fought for me,

The times when you listened to me blabber incessantly,

The times when we enjoyed the rains and our drives,

The times when we bunked and made random plans.

The list is endless, but the times which are most important- the times when you made me feel special (which was everyday), for that- THANK YOU! Thank you for each day that you’ve been around me.. With you around, my world is a happier place, my shortcomings do not matter, my sorrows vanish, my laughter doubles, my worries are automatically taken care of, my smile never goes away! Suffice is to say- you are my lifelines. 

You are my armour

You are my knight 

You are my pocket

Full of sunshine.

I’ve needed you all along

I’ll love you forever and long

You are my blessings in disguise

You are my angels beneath the sky.


Staying Found.

Just like the previous year, I’m here trying to evaluate all the good and bad karma that have gone out in the world from me, this year. It’s been quite an year! Probably one of those where I have learned a lot. Yes, there have been blunders and faults and flaws, but I found the courage to rise up against all of that. And this couldn’t have been possible without my family and friends. Generally, I am very private about it, but today I take this platform as an opportunity to thank each one of my family members and dearest friends, not only for guiding me through but also for bearing with me. I know I can sometimes be a handful!

So, this year I quit my job! With this job, had come the lessons for life. The colleagues, the environment, pity arguments, long discussions, client meetings, deadlines, reporting every evening to my boss and most importantly- the friends I made- my friends for life! No freelancing or any other office could have given me something (or rather I should say- some people) so valuable, which I would cherish in all the years to come. Well, that phase too has ended, with this year. If you’re reading, you’ll know this is for You- I love you guys, and no matter where we end up in the times to come, you would still be my lifelines.

There were highs, there were lows. Some new friends entered the picture frame and some people walked out. To those new friends- I wish and hope that our bond grows stronger with each day to come. And to those who walked out- Nevermind! Good luck for your endeavours and thank you for teaching me a lesson and helping me grow and become a better person.

There was some traveling this year again. To the new places that I explored- You left me awestruck! Your culture, your people, your air, your feel- it all filled me with a fresh excitement and added a new dimension to the way I see the world. And to the places where my folks put up- Thank you for welcoming me with wide open arms. The beautiful moments spent there will forever be craved for, until we meet again! The love and care you showered upon me- for that I have no words.

There was some major decision making too. A decision for life! A decision that brought You into my life. To You- Welcome! Welcome into my tiny little world. By now, you’re already a major part of it. I hope you like it here and together we are able to create our own new world with our family and folks around us.

Well, this year has been a good one! And many might call it a clichĂ© (but I don’t care), I thank God, wherever He is! Thank you for making it all happen in the manner you did! You are the reason- I am wherever I am and whoever I am. Keep me under your guidance in the same way- Keep me found! 

I wish you all good luck, happiness and pink health for the new year.

Until next time,



Time To Go Home!

 My favourite time of the year is around. The winds have turned cooler. The nights have started to last longer. The birds are returning to their nests sooner. And the number of my coffee cups have increased by a number.


You can say I too am from the GOT fan club.

What excites me the most about this season, is the festivities that come along- with Diwali being my favourite.

The whole city gears up to welcome Maa Laxmi months before. From cleaning up every nook and corner of the house to giving an impeccable makeover to home; from planning the menu for The Day to buying the ‘new dress’ for the New Day; from getting all the crackers and lighting with the siblings to filling colours into the rangoli- this festival holds a different meaning for everyone.

But what I cherish the most at this time- is the homecoming of my favourite people. My elder brother, my cousins and friends- all come around on this occasion. It is the excitement of celebrating together that thrills me the most. The funfilled time spent with the family- sitting around in the living area, relishing on the delicacies prepared by mom and grandma, the laughter, the teasing, the movie plans, the card games- it all sums up to a perfect celebration. And catching up with long lost friends, giggling over the childhood memories, feeling proud over the success of some and laughing away at the failures of some- reliving the good old days just acts like a cherry on the cake! 

At this time I feel blessed to have all my favorite people around me, and somehow, it gives a reassurance- that no matter how busy one’s life has become; no matter how many professional commitments is one engaged into, the priority for everyone still remains their family and friends. 

It’s the little moments of happiness like these that add meaning to life.

Wishing you all a very happy and joyous Diwali! 


Picture Courtesy: Terribly Tiny Tales

If Tomorrow Never Comes

I am scared. For the first time I’m really scared for the security of those I love and care for, and maybe for the first time ever, even scared for those I don’t know at all. For the various terror attacks have shown that I can feel for and empathize deeply with even those who are just names and stories for me in the media.

I have realized the ease with which hundreds of lives can be ended, absolute fragility of life. It’s true that nobody can ever be adequately prepared for for the final reckoning. Well, not unless you have lived a rather full and fulfilling life that has taken you well into old age. Maybe then. Or maybe not even then. None of the hundreds dead would have imagined as they would never see their loved ones again, nor get the time to wrap up their lives.

In the blinking of an eye, so many lives ended and many more changed forever. It’s only when we truly understand that we have limited time on the planet- and that we have no way of knowing when our time is up- that we will begin to live each day to the fullest, as if it were the only day we had.

If that’s how fragile life is, the only way you can trust your one moment to the other is by having no regrets. Regret is not something any one of us would would like to exit life with and the best way out of that is to keep the slate clean always.

We would all like to be remembered, but certainly not for the inadequacies or incomplete work we leave behind. Each of us would like to leave behind happy memories. And to work on creating those, we need to start now. Not tomorrow. Not even a minute later. Now is the moment.

Its important to ensure that those we love realize the depth of our feelings, those we have harmed know that we regret it and important that we take adequate measures for the protection of those in our care. Why leave off till tomorrow what we can do today? Why leave it another minute longer to tell your dear ones you love them? Why delay telling a friend how much you value her? Why leave off showing your appreciation to a colleague or acquaintance? Why put off the heartfelt apology till it may be too late?

So if you’re waiting for tomorrow, why not do it today?

For if tomorrow never comes, you’ll surely regret the day, that you didn’t take that extra time for a smile, a hug, or a kiss and you were too busy to grant someone what turned out to be their one last wish.

“Life’s pretty uncertain my dear.. Die with memories.. Not dreams.”