Like The Untamed Winds!

At times, in life, when the burden of society and responsibilities become too heavy for me to carry and I feel too distant from myself, I break away- and TRAVEL. I travel like an untamed wind- far away, all unplanned, and somewhere in the middle of nowhere, I find myself again.

To travel, for me is like meditating. It is rebellion in its purest form. I simply follow my heart, I drop down the excess baggage of society labels, I lose control willingly and I begin to search for better questions than answers, and I truly graduate, every time!

Every new place that I go to, as much as I cherish the views that it has to offer, I am more intrigued by the journey I embark on to reach there. The people I meet, different food and delicacies that I relish which carry the legacy of old traditions, knowing about the place and the culture the folks breathe in at every moment- it is all so enriching.

I personally believe, a man may learn and gather knowledge, but unless he doesn’t travel, he lacks wisdom. And to be more specific, when I say travel, I do not mean as a ‘tourist‘, cause as they say, ‘A traveller sees what he sees, a tourist sees only what he has come to see.’