The new year post.

It’s cold outside, one of the coldest nights of this season so far. But it’s colder inside. As I lie all buried in my blanket, I symbolically think back on the time gone by as I change my calendar on my side table. It was a year of new challenges, learnings, adjustments, realisation and love.

Overall it was a good year but my focus is making a shift to the part that was after all not so good. Unfortunately that ugly part comes down onto me. Here I am, confessing to you all today because this is someplace where I am free, where I am unbound. I wouldn’t be judged and I can drop my baggage before I head into the new year. Bear with me.

I have had days where I was in self-doubt, constantly struggling to make my way, afraid of what others might approve/disapprove of. I could notice an invariable change in my personality so much so that I had jumping personalities as I jumped from meeting one person to another. Like a saint I tried giving up expectations but so far it has turned out to be the self created delusion and hasn’t done any good. I have also realised that I am hopelessly emotional and sensitive and that has somehow added to the agony. My health has deteriorated over the last few months, probably because I gave other things more importance. 

Emotionally it has been a hell of a roller coaster. I’ve had highs, I’ve had lows. One moment I was filled with love, the next completely drained and left empty. I’ve had laughter, I’ve had tears. Most of it was probably self built up coz that’s what I’m asked to believe and eventually I find comfort in the fact and thank god for it all not being real. It’s a zone where my logics and explanations do not work. It’s a place where I do not want to go. 

No matter how I have been in the past year at personal and emotional level but I’m pretty sure that the coming year would still be filled with sweet hopes, spirituality and honest love to spread around. Certain points that I have learnt and will keep in mind while I tread through these months ahead are- 

•Keep your health at the top of your priority list.

•Its okay to have some expectations, but from the right people.

•Keep doing your thing, people will still talk and judge if you don’t.

•Give yourself the time to do things that you enjoy. It ain’t coming back.

I wish you all light and love and hope. Be better.
Thanks for reading me vent out.

Until next time folks.


Best Friend.

After hanging up your phone call, I just realised, it’s been 10 years since you’ve been my dearest friend. A decade! I feel so honoured and so much at peace, just thinking about having you in my life. We’ve grown up together, sharing our lives in the sweetest form, learning from each other, supporting one another, looking out for each other.

The memories that I have of our childhood- truly innocent and pure. You showed me what it’s like to love someone without expecting anything in return, you set an example by having stood by in the worse times, you showered utmost care and compassion when I needed it. You may not take the credit, but of many things that I am today, the little share of good ones that is there- many are because of you. 

The platonic connect we have, the unsaid understanding we share- it feels like a comfortable mattress where I can fall upon when I feel fragile. Months go by without talking to you but my thoughts always encircle around you. I write this today not because I need to tell you all this- you already know (because you are among those few who know me better than myself). I am writing this because our bond is eternal and I want to leave an imprint of it beyond time. 

I love you Divyani, for the beautiful person you are, for the amazing life you’ve made for yourself and for honouring me with your friendship. I am truly blessed. Keep loving me 🙂 .

Until next time.



On Such A Rainy Day!

My favorite time of the year is now here. It’s a silly reason to be happy about the arrival of monsoon, but, just like a little child, I am. The sky and clouds are in full run to show their magnificent display of art. The bright hues turning into shades of grey and then a band of colors emerging, mounting them all – isn’t it just spectacular! This part of the year reinforces my beliefs in nature’s miracles, like anything is possible, like I might just get all that I’d hoped for, especially when I had stopped looking.

To some it might be just another rainy day- hampering their work, disturbing their schedule. But to me- it’s an opportunity to pause and take a look at the beauty around, it’s the nature’s way to give me a break in the monotonous life and enjoy a day off, it’s the time to let the raindrops fall on me and let them tingle my skin, make me feel important just by reminding me that there’s somebody above who’s looking down at me and wishes to see me smile.

It’s amazing how I can put all my thoughts aside and just live the moment. The connect I feel to the nature is strangely even stronger than the one’s in my routine with people around. The positivity that flushes through, it’s unmatchable to any other source. It’s probably because of my childhood days. I still remember, on a rainy day, how my dad used to return home from office as soon as it began to pour. With all the yummy munchies that my mom cooked and our entire family gathered on the patio, kids drenching in the rain and some (like me) busy in building their ships to put them out on sail. (Oh, how dad worked meticulously to have me build the strongest paper ships among all). The long car drives with windows open and water drops gushing in with the wind – I felt like my dad was a superman who could even manage to drive in such a weather. The thrill I felt, its nowhere close to the adrenaline pump i get in any other adventure today. And that is because, with mom and dad, I knew that the only reason the munchies were prepared, dad was back from office, ships were being built and we were out on a drive – was because i had wanted it all! And the mystical part of the story (my favourite part) – I never said it out loud, but they understood. They made me believe in magic, in possibilities.

Its because of them that I have an eye of appreciating nature in the most simple form. I’ll forever owe it to them. And my heart will never feel the same thrill until the next time my dad takes me out on another drive on such a rainy day!

Me: Papa! My ship isn’t strong. It will sink in the middle of it’s journey.

Papa: Don’t worry, it will sail through. And just incase it doesn’t, why did i teach you to swim? Go for it. You’ll be just fine.

Thanks for being my tutor Mama and Papa. The best ever! You keep me going for it. Love You!

Until next time folks.



Day of Love.

The ‘day of love’ is round the corner and I can spot the stores decorated with huge red colored heart shaped balloons, the Facebook wall loaded with proposals and promises, the broadcast messages in my phone filled with the fancy quotes on love, etc.

Well, there is for sure, too much love in the air and in the materialism that comes along. But it makes me wonder, how much love there truly lies in our hearts and thoughts! Just saying.

On one hand, I find this whole concept of V-Day quite logical- to dedicate a day in the name of love, like paying some tribute! And in a world like ours, where true love is the rarest of the rarest gem to be found, it well deserves it.

But on the other hand, it makes me laugh at the mockery that is made in the name of love! Why is it that we need one particular day to show all our love to somebody special?! Isn’t that supposed to be a daily affair- to make them feel special!

I guess, this is one of those days which is beyond my understanding and reasoning.


The other day, I opened my journal to pen down, and I found a few petals of a rose flower pressed between the pages, long time ago. In the course of time, they have lost their vibrant colors and turned pale- leaving beautiful impressions on the lined pages of my diary. With time they have lost their fragrance amidst these leaflets of my diary- leaving a mild aroma cocooned within the pages, which welcomes me, every time I open it.

These impressions will forever be there, no matter what. Isn’t love too, supposed to be like that? With time, love will mature, the colors might change, the fragrance might grow milder or change notes, but the impressions of that love on someone’s heart would stay forever. It would be like – letting somebody’s love being imprinted on one’s heart! 

And to be imprinted by somebody’s love, so pure, could be the sweetest blessing. And for such a love, a lifetime wouldn’t be enough, leave aside just a day in the year.

Anyways, to my readers and their loved ones- may each day of yours be filled with love and hope. Make each day count.

Sending love and luck


Three Angels.

Just like my last post, this one again is quite personal. Earlier, I had this notion of being private about my family and friends. But one fine day I realized – what’s the whole point anyway?! This world is in dearth of one most precious thing, which is found the least in today’s time- LOVE. So I thought, why not share my little times of love with all my readers and let my favourite people too know how much I love and adore them.

Today this post is dedicated to my three lovely maniacs!

With you three, I have a family beyond my blood family. In the last two years, you have become an integral part of my life. When we all came together and formed our pack, I had never imagined the times with with you would be among the most memorable ones!

Since the first day when we had all started to begin to learn and adjust in our work environment- trying to make a place and a name, till today- You have slowly crept into the deep and safe corners of my heart. 

Each little incident is clearly etched in my memory-

The initial times when my eyes looked around in a sea of new people and you welcomed me with open arms of friendship,

The times when our lunch breaks grew longer for our never-ending talks,

The times when you made me fall off my chair laughing,

The times when you protected me when somebody raised a finger at me,

The times when you went ahead and fought for me,

The times when you listened to me blabber incessantly,

The times when we enjoyed the rains and our drives,

The times when we bunked and made random plans.

The list is endless, but the times which are most important- the times when you made me feel special (which was everyday), for that- THANK YOU! Thank you for each day that you’ve been around me.. With you around, my world is a happier place, my shortcomings do not matter, my sorrows vanish, my laughter doubles, my worries are automatically taken care of, my smile never goes away! Suffice is to say- you are my lifelines. 

You are my armour

You are my knight 

You are my pocket

Full of sunshine.

I’ve needed you all along

I’ll love you forever and long

You are my blessings in disguise

You are my angels beneath the sky.


A Good Omen, Indeed!

With the city turned into a hill station, having no sun to welcome the new year, I lie down lazily on the couch and look out the window. I, frequently wipe the glass to get rid of the mist and look beyond to the lush green trees dancing along the tunes of the winter winds. A flight of pigeons passes by on the vast blue canvas.

My eyes are now dreamy and too mesmerized by the view to do anything but look away. It’s probably like love at a sight, I feel like wanting to write something beautiful. But I’m unable to write. I want my words to flow like raindrops meandering down the window pane creating the beautiful patterns of love, hope and promises yet to be fulfilled. But, I’m so glued to the view that my eyes refuse to shift to the notepad on my desk. I guess, that’s what love is, in the most truest sense- To be engrossed in the moment to feel it deep inside, moving and tickling our every sensibility, and opening our heart completely to the moment, and not be disturbed by the other thoughts passing by, no matter what.

Well, I guess, I fell in love with the view that nature had to offer me on the very first day of the new year. I’ll take it as a good omen. Indeed!

Unending Love


From my diary…

To my readers i am giving my most cherished and loved poem of all times and beyond ages by my favorite poet Rabindranath Tagore.

               UNENDING LOVE

I seem to have loved you in numberless forms, numberless times,
In life after life, in age after age, forever.
My spellbound heart has made and remade the necklace of songs,
That you take as a gift, wear round your neck in your many forms,
In life after life, in age after age, forever.

Whenever I hear old chronicles of love, it’s age old pain,
It’s ancient tale of being apart or together,
As i stare on and on into the past, in the end you emerge
Clad in the light of a pole star piercing the darkness of time
You become an image of what is remembered forever.

You and I have floated here on the stream that brings from the fount,
At the heart of time, love of one for another.
We have played alongside millions of lovers, shared in the same.
Shy sweetness of meeting, the same distressful tears of farewell-
Old love, but in shapes that renew and renew forever.

Today it is heaped at your feet, it has found it’s end in you,
The love of all man’s days, both past and forever:
Universal joy, universal sorrow, universal lift,
The memories of all lovers merging with this one love of ours-
And the songs of every poet past and forever.

Everyone needs a shelter for solace at some point of time during the day.. To have their peace of mind back.. some find it in family or friends, some in music, some in solitude, some in books, some in hanging out, some in solitude and some like me in poetry.