Day of Love.

The ‘day of love’ is round the corner and I can spot the stores decorated with huge red colored heart shaped balloons, the Facebook wall loaded with proposals and promises, the broadcast messages in my phone filled with the fancy quotes on love, etc.

Well, there is for sure, too much love in the air and in the materialism that comes along. But it makes me wonder, how much love there truly lies in our hearts and thoughts! Just saying.

On one hand, I find this whole concept of V-Day quite logical- to dedicate a day in the name of love, like paying some tribute! And in a world like ours, where true love is the rarest of the rarest gem to be found, it well deserves it.

But on the other hand, it makes me laugh at the mockery that is made in the name of love! Why is it that we need one particular day to show all our love to somebody special?! Isn’t that supposed to be a daily affair- to make them feel special!

I guess, this is one of those days which is beyond my understanding and reasoning.


The other day, I opened my journal to pen down, and I found a few petals of a rose flower pressed between the pages, long time ago. In the course of time, they have lost their vibrant colors and turned pale- leaving beautiful impressions on the lined pages of my diary. With time they have lost their fragrance amidst these leaflets of my diary- leaving a mild aroma cocooned within the pages, which welcomes me, every time I open it.

These impressions will forever be there, no matter what. Isn’t love too, supposed to be like that? With time, love will mature, the colors might change, the fragrance might grow milder or change notes, but the impressions of that love on someone’s heart would stay forever. It would be like – letting somebody’s love being imprinted on one’s heart! 

And to be imprinted by somebody’s love, so pure, could be the sweetest blessing. And for such a love, a lifetime wouldn’t be enough, leave aside just a day in the year.

Anyways, to my readers and their loved ones- may each day of yours be filled with love and hope. Make each day count.

Sending love and luck