Time To Go Home!

 My favourite time of the year is around. The winds have turned cooler. The nights have started to last longer. The birds are returning to their nests sooner. And the number of my coffee cups have increased by a number.


You can say I too am from the GOT fan club.

What excites me the most about this season, is the festivities that come along- with Diwali being my favourite.

The whole city gears up to welcome Maa Laxmi months before. From cleaning up every nook and corner of the house to giving an impeccable makeover to home; from planning the menu for The Day to buying the ‘new dress’ for the New Day; from getting all the crackers and lighting with the siblings to filling colours into the rangoli- this festival holds a different meaning for everyone.

But what I cherish the most at this time- is the homecoming of my favourite people. My elder brother, my cousins and friends- all come around on this occasion. It is the excitement of celebrating together that thrills me the most. The funfilled time spent with the family- sitting around in the living area, relishing on the delicacies prepared by mom and grandma, the laughter, the teasing, the movie plans, the card games- it all sums up to a perfect celebration. And catching up with long lost friends, giggling over the childhood memories, feeling proud over the success of some and laughing away at the failures of some- reliving the good old days just acts like a cherry on the cake! 

At this time I feel blessed to have all my favorite people around me, and somehow, it gives a reassurance- that no matter how busy one’s life has become; no matter how many professional commitments is one engaged into, the priority for everyone still remains their family and friends. 

It’s the little moments of happiness like these that add meaning to life.

Wishing you all a very happy and joyous Diwali! 


Picture Courtesy: Terribly Tiny Tales



This one is from my archives. This piece was in my diary since quite a while now, I think, now was the right time to publish it.


Life’s been pretty surprising lately. In both, good and bad ways. It turns out that the bad is always followed by the good. Like, it is some law of nature.
The past few months have been constantly slapping me with questions right across my face about my faith and belief. And in this trial of time, I thought, that I had LOST! Yes. the fundamentals in which I had put in my faith, seemed to have trembled and its foundation crumpled.
I momentarily stood as a person without faith! And as they say- “Faith is a gift, which I am yet to receive, again!”

In such a moment, I felt blindfolded, with no idea where to go. The death of belief made it impossible to even seek help from somebody. But one must remember to turn on the light when it gets dark. And the exact happened.
With all the chaos in my head, I tried to find my calm. I was constantly in search for the answers to my questions. And when the time was right- just perfect- as if God was set to play his moves, I got my answers unexpectedly. And all at once, the sky was clear, the dark clouds vanished, the ray of light carrying hope and joy and satisfaction touched my soul with its tenderness and warmth.


And right now, while sitting under the halogen bulb, out in my verandah, in front of my lush green garden, I can see the twinkling stars, shining away in all their glory and smiling at me. Thinking back to all that had occurred, I realized, it’s OKAY to panic at times! It’s OKAY to feel the dark and despair at times! What’s not okay is to give in and succumb to it. What’s important is to keep looking and figure out. What’s needed is to be patient with a belief- that it will all be Okay!

And dear reader, it is important to understand- there are days that ask questions, but don’t forget to remind yourself- there will come a day to answer them!