Like The Untamed Winds!

At times, in life, when the burden of society and responsibilities become too heavy for me to carry and I feel too distant from myself, I break away- and TRAVEL. I travel like an untamed wind- far away, all unplanned, and somewhere in the middle of nowhere, I find myself again.

To travel, for me is like meditating. It is rebellion in its purest form. I simply follow my heart, I drop down the excess baggage of society labels, I lose control willingly and I begin to search for better questions than answers, and I truly graduate, every time!

Every new place that I go to, as much as I cherish the views that it has to offer, I am more intrigued by the journey I embark on to reach there. The people I meet, different food and delicacies that I relish which carry the legacy of old traditions, knowing about the place and the culture the folks breathe in at every moment- it is all so enriching.

I personally believe, a man may learn and gather knowledge, but unless he doesn’t travel, he lacks wisdom. And to be more specific, when I say travel, I do not mean as a ‘tourist‘, cause as they say, ‘A traveller sees what he sees, a tourist sees only what he has come to see.’


A Rearview Into The Year Gone By!

The year’s start could not get better, than getting to go on the trip which was being planned since months ago. Finally, sitting in the train, all geared up for my small vacation, it feels great! Sitting, surrounded by not so much of a talkative company, I decide to indulge into some reading. In my bag pack, right next to my novel, is my journal. Journal of 2014. My hand subconsciously picks up the journal and I start to dig into the year gone by.

After a couple of hours, having gone through each page, there were tears in my eyes. The good sweet moments; the nick and corners where there was pain; the laughter rides with friends; the vacations with family; the new job; the old friends; the farewells; the new acquaintances the learning lessons; the fixing up sessions, it all reminded me of what all an year could actually do!

But, it just took me a moment, to really sum up my entire year- zeroing down to a single event. It’s so unfair to all the other 364 days of the year, when their significance is over shadowed by just ONE day- THE DAY.

It could be anything for anyone- for instance, getting the Dream Job, taking an Insane Vacation, finding your The One, or just about anything.

But, it’s beautiful, how the joy of one small moment, or the happiness of having experienced THE DAY, could minimise all the low and sad moments of the year. One tends to remember the yearly just one incident one event. That solely becomes the focal point.

It happened with me. And my dear reader, I believe, no matter how hard 2014 might have had been on you, but you could still find one such event which would make you smile, when you think of the year gone by! So, take a rear view into it, and find your magic moment of 2014.

A Good Omen, Indeed!

With the city turned into a hill station, having no sun to welcome the new year, I lie down lazily on the couch and look out the window. I, frequently wipe the glass to get rid of the mist and look beyond to the lush green trees dancing along the tunes of the winter winds. A flight of pigeons passes by on the vast blue canvas.

My eyes are now dreamy and too mesmerized by the view to do anything but look away. It’s probably like love at a sight, I feel like wanting to write something beautiful. But I’m unable to write. I want my words to flow like raindrops meandering down the window pane creating the beautiful patterns of love, hope and promises yet to be fulfilled. But, I’m so glued to the view that my eyes refuse to shift to the notepad on my desk. I guess, that’s what love is, in the most truest sense- To be engrossed in the moment to feel it deep inside, moving and tickling our every sensibility, and opening our heart completely to the moment, and not be disturbed by the other thoughts passing by, no matter what.

Well, I guess, I fell in love with the view that nature had to offer me on the very first day of the new year. I’ll take it as a good omen. Indeed!