Breathe Out A Bit Of Love!

It was just like a usual evening and I had gone for a run at the city park after a long day’s work. As I parked my car and got out with my earphones plugged in my iPod and music bursting loud, I was stopped on my way by two little kids. They weren’t keeping well and asked me for some money. I told them that I’ll buy them food, but on a condition- they button up their shirts and wash their face. They immediately rushed towards the Shiv temple which was a few steps away and splashed water on their face from the water cooler. Meanwhile, I bought a few biscuits from a small departmental store and moved towards them. The smile on their faces moved me. I hadn’t seen them before, yet the joy in their eyes was quite satisfying for me, that moment. I gave them the biscuits and headed off to the park for my jog. It was a good end to my day.

Eventually, from that day on, meeting those two kids became a regular affair. I started to keep a few packets of biscuits in my car itself for them. The kids kept them clean, with their shirts buttoned up everyday. Smart chaps they were. The moment they used to see my car getting parked at the usual spot, they would come running. And frankly, even my eyes used to be in search of them as I stepped out everyday. Unknowingly, we’d somehow become friends.


Well, today wasn’t one of my ‘best days’ in record- a long day at work and a quarrel with a colleague. Though I was very tired, an evening jog was much needed to clear my head and get some air.

I parked my car and got out. My two friends came running, but today I was too indifferent to them. The stress at work had done its job well, it seemed. I ignored them and left for my workout. While on the track, my heart wasn’t at ease as my thoughts went back to the kids. Somehow, I didn’t feel good about myself. But what was done, was done! After all, they were just two little kids- whose’ names too, I had not known. I guess, it never occurred to me that I hadn’t asked them at all.

I soon finished my jog and reached for my car keys in the pocket as I returned to my car. I saw the two kids sitting on the bonnet of my car. Wasn’t expecting that at all. As I approached near, one of them questioned me with a gloomy face, “Aap naraaz ho kya hum se?” That one innocent question was enough to make me realise, that I had been so unfair to them. Soon, I apologised and gave them their biscuits. And finally, I enquired their name. Raja and Amit then told me about their day’s events and I had a good time, indeed. Soon, I left for home with a smile on my face.


Sometimes, all we need, is a little reminder of how beautiful life is. If we have pain, we certainly don’t have to be one. Everyday, we must reach out to someone. Everyday, we must breathe out a bit of love.