The Midnight Symphony!

It’s quarter past 1 at night. With the early winter breeze blowing and the slight light coming from the street lamp at a distance, a night person like me cannot ask for more to have the perfect ambience. After a long day’s work nothing soothes me more than the sound of my xylophone. So, I bring it out and start to play. The notes go haywire for a while, but soon I set my hands in the rhythm of the melody n play! Ah, my mind is traveling to a parallel universe it seems. The melodious vibrations striking softly onto my ears give me the eternal joy. I can feel the peaceful calm of the breeze being personified by the symphony surrounding me. A million thoughts cross my mind but I succeed to surpass them.
My eyes shut, hands in the repetitive motion and the sweet early winter breeze kissing my cheeks and caressing my hair, I find my heaven in my garden. Just then I realize, no matter what all went through the day, I am happy now. How insignificant and minute my problems seem to me at this moment.

The night’s stillness has me engrossed in its wraps. With my eyes closed, my thoughts are now flowing in some unknown and unexplored direction. Can it be possible? I ask myself. I am drawn to the ideas which once seemed far fetched. But it is happening. I am looking at a wider horizon. The possibility of the change, the possibility of a newer and a fresh tomorrow seems tangible now. The disappointment of past tragedies and failure sheds away. I am a new me. With a whole new vibe of positivity I open my eyes. A faint smile appears on my face. My hands come to a pause immediately and my xylophone gets a rest. And now I hear the sweetest melody of all, the one my heart makes now. Oh! This midnight symphony I’d missed since far too long, and today I hear it again!


Only when you can hear someone’s heartbeat, you can experience the most beautiful melody. 



It Will Be OKAY!

“If there’s one thing I’ve learned, it’s this: We all want everything to be okay. We don’t even wish so much for fantastic or marvelous or outstanding. We will happily settle for okay, because most of the time, okay is enough.”
-David Levithan

Isn’t it so true? If you ponder over it, you actually realize, all that you really want in life is for things to be okay.

And for that, one must believe in possibilities. I would rather say, one must keep finding possibilities. That’s the essence for life, to keep it steady and moving ahead. There are times when we find ourselves in situations which we cannot turn or undo or escape from. But there cannot be any situation; moreover, there shouldn’t be any situation that pulls you down, to an extent where you think it’s the end, apart from your death itself.

So if you’re left ditched by a friend at the last hour; thrown out of your dream job; abandoned by your lover or no matter what, it isn’t the end of life. Find possibilities, the ones which you might have overlooked or ignored for a long time. Be a fighter. We already have too many losers round the globe, you don’t want to increase the count. So, have faith in the universe. And trust me when i say this, ‘everything happens for the best’. You just need to be patient to find the goodness underlying it.

But keep looking! Somewhere, somehow, someone, something will come to your aid. And things will be okay, really okay. And that’s more than enough.

“You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know, who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it.”

“No matter what happens or how bad it seems today, life does go on, and it will be better tomorrow.”

-Maya Angelou